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Why hire a Public Adjuster?

We guarantee that your recovery is maximized. We assure you that the coverage you have paid for is properly interpreted, that your claim is properly presented,and that the settlement of your claim is properly concluded.

Should my agent help me with the settlement of my claim?

Because of the time and expertise required many agents are now referring their customers to Lewis & Associates. This provides assurance that their insured will receive the maximum available without the hassle.

What are some of the advantages of retaining a public Adjuster?

First, of course is the expertise we have in handling your claim in such a way to maximize your recovery. Elimination of the need for the insured to spend hours of his/her time in presenting the claim and complying with the terms and conditions of the difficult-to-understand and complicated policy. Also, it is the peace of mind you receive in knowing a professional is looking out for your interests. WE GET RESULTS AND GET YOU MORE MONEY WITHOUT THE HASSLE.

How is the public adjuster paid?

We are paid a small fee, by the insured based on the amount recovered from the settlement of your claim. Past experience shows the additional amount recovered usually exceeds our fee by a considerable amount. This may vary depending on the type and size of your claim.

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